Sari Anna

As the weather warms up I thought it was time to sew up another of my vintage saris. This time I chose a silk one and the Maxi version of the Anna dress from By Hand London.

According to the envelop you need 5+ yards of fabric but I have found that the skirt on this dress is WAY WAY WAY longer then any person needs so I ignore the cut layout and have the skirt cut on the cross grain instead.


I was able to cut the whole dress out of 3 yards of fabric ( 45″ wide). Since I had so much fabric left over I also did a self lining and underlined the top of the skirt. I have never worked with 100% silk before and this was not an easy task. It was so light and ethereal which made it a major pain to sew. The finished dress is OK but I would be pretty embarrassed to wear it out of the house. It’s comfortable so I am treating it as a glamorous house dress for days when I want to put a little more effort than just yoga pants.

Finished Blouse

It is finally time to make the green blouse. I had trouble laying everything out. I ended up cutting out the mirror image of the pattern pieces so I could move them around and figure out where to put things. I “should” have had enough fabric according to the envelope but I didn’t. I ended up cutting a size down because it was the only way I could get everything to fit on the fabric. I knew from the muslin that the shirt was sort of big so I thought it would work.

DSC_0218 (2)

I went ahead and just used the dark green binding. I think i’m starting to get the hang of the binding now though it is still tedious. Tony asked if there was an easier way and I told him about overlocking and sergers. He promptly looked on Amazon. Me thinks a serger might be in my Christmas future. My only qualms with a serger is at the end of the day it just doesn’t look as nice as these bound hems. It seems more commercial and missing the love. Sure it would save me time, but its not like i’m in a race to finish clothes.


I used my moms advice and hand sewed the end of the sleeve to cover up the gathers.

DSC_0231 (1)

I was going to try a hand rolled hem and the tie ends. After 10 inches I wasn’t happy with how it was turning out so I ended up just doing a double folded hem.  The finished blouse is OK. I does fit a little tight around my hips due to it being a size down. I wore it today paired with jeans, riding style boots, and a chocolate corduroy blazer. I love the feel of the fabric but I have to say that I I like the drape of the white one better.


In other news. I bit the bullet and bought a new sewing machine!

Goodbye singer (thats older them me)

DSC_0219 (1)

Hello Bernina!

DSC_0241 (1)

I can’t believe how quiet the new machine is. My singer was so loud that whenever I started sewing Uzzi (my cat) would bolt out of the room. I used my new machine to finish up the hem on my next dress and Uzzi was sleeping on the table the whole time. This machine has a crazy number of stitches, which Im sure i’ll never use,  but I ended up going with the 350 instead of the 330 because of the little lever on the right. It allows you to lift and lower  the presser foot with your knee so you can keep your hands on your project. The other most amazing features: 1) I can tell it to always end with the needle up, no more hand wheels 2) I can set it to always start and stop with with the back stitch so I will never forget.

Tony has already requested that I convert a pair of his jeans with a broken zipper into a button flap. I might need to do some practice before I tackle all those button holes.