Another Simplicity 1544 for Tony

I thought I  would start out the new year with an unselfish sew. Actually I felt a bit guilty, this was part of my x-mas presents to Tony and I wasn’t able to get around to sewing before the holidays. I figured I needed to make it before I did any more dresses for myself.

I picked up this light weight flannel in a blue and grey buffalo check during a jo-ann 50% off plaid sale. The fabric looked like something he would like so I picked it up. I think he’s pleased with the shirt. It fulfills his suburban lumberjack aesthetic that he strives for.


I used the perlized snaps per his request and they look a lot better then I thought it would.  It took me some time futzing around in his toolbox trying to figure out how to attach them, I ended up using some crimping pliars. He loves snaps so I may breakdown and get the actual tool for snaps…we will see.


This is the first non-solid colored shirt that I have made Tony so I cut the button plackets, Cuffs, and Yolk on the bias to give it some visual interest.


I’m still having issues figuring out those darn chimney plackets. I need to just sit down one day and practice doing them on some scrap material.


But Tony is happy so that is all that matters! ( You can’t tell but I think that’s a smile under all the beard)



Simplicity 1544 Men’s Shirt and Butterick 6339 Men’s Vest

I made this shirt months ago but it took me until now to get pictures with my reluctant model.


It’s not a color I would have expected him to pick but its not my place to judge. He had originally wanted snaps on this but I felt like the shirt looked too  formal for that and he wanted it to wear with his suit so I convinced him to change to grey buttons instead.


The fabric was really light weight broadcloth so the cuffs turned out well.


Next up we have the vest that I made him for Christmas. I was a little disappointed in the fit, despite measuring his chest ahead of time the size I made for him was just a tad too small. He could button it but I thought it was too tight to be comfortable for any extended period. I did some triage since I wasn’t in the mood to unpick the whole thing apart and just moved the buttons over an inch. Now the buttons aren’t centered as they should be but he assures me no one will notice.


I am very happy with how the notched collar turned out. I already have the wool cut out for a waistcoat for myself!





Santa’s Workshop

My sewing room has turned into Santa’s Workshop the last week. I am officially done with all my Christmas sewing but I can’t really share the results until after Christmas except for Tony’s present (since he doesn’t read my blog). For him I finally got around to making the vest he’s been wanting using Butterick 6339 from there “Making History” collection.


For the main part I used this mystery grey fabric I got from the Denver Sewing Guild sale. No clue what it is. It looks felted but its woven and it does frey. It shrunk by at least a 1/4 with just washing ( no dryer).   Now my dress form just isn’t shaped for this garment but you get the idea. I will try to get some pictures of Tony modeling it once I give it to him.


The vest if fully lined in a grey bemberg lining after the sucess of using it in my blazer.


This was my first time doing welted pockets and I am super pleased with how they turned out. The bottom two are actually pockets and the top are just for decoration.


I was probing Tony while watching The Crown to get an idea of what one to make he seemed to gravitate to ones with a notched collar. So thats what I did.


Now that Im done with all those presents its back to some selfish sewing for me!

Dressing my man

I almost forgot to post this week! I started my new job, which has been stressful. Im such basket of anxiety when it comes to change. I hope things will work themselves out. I just have to make it over this hump.  To make things more stressful for me Tony was on a business trip this week so Uzzi and I had to face the first day alone.

In honor of his trip I made him a new shirt.



This was really just intended to be my practice shirt so I could work out some fitting issues but he ended up liking it enough to wear it. I wish I had gotten better thread that matched instead of just using what was in my stash.

The biggest change I made was to make the arms slimmer. This draft represents a 2″ reduction but he thinks the next shirt should have 3″ taken out. Other changes I would like to make grading in the shoulders and the waist just a tad.

The hardest part was the cuffs. The chimney placket gave me a fit so I ended up just folding it down . Turns out it didn’t matter because he rolled up his sleeves almost as soon as the shirt went on.


One new technique that I did was to do Flat Felled seams around the arm holes and down the sides. I really like how they turned out. It seems very strong and feels nice against the skin.



I am stoked at how the collar turned out. This is my fifth collar since I started sewing and my cleanest one to date!



He told me he wore this shirt in New York with Khakis, Pink socks, and a blue blazer. Now that he has one shirt he is finally ready to pick some fabric out  for a truly custom experience.