Simplicity 1018

I decided to take a week off from the blue formal dress and  fortify myself for the next step in the underpinnings. Simplicity 1018 looked simple enough. Though not a retro pattern I can’t help but get 80’s vibes from this dress. Think Keri Russell in the Americans.


Despite having 3 yards of 60″ wide knit fabric I still didn’t have enough for view B (The midi length). I compromised and cut it 7 inches longer the then short skirt which turned out to be plenty long enough. I had to do a lot of fit adjustments (a lot more than I normally do) but since it is a princess seam it is easy enough. I placed the dress on my form inside out and just hand basted  in contrast thread along all 6 seams where it needed to be taken in.


I am quite happy with how the neckline is finished. I can see using this finishing if I was ever to make a knit shirt as it looks very professional.


The finished dress is kind of a dud. Tony said it made me look like a fundamentalist which is definitely a look I am not going for. The sleeves are a little baggy and loose around the cuff and the color washes me out. The overall silhouette ends up very boxy and unflattering.  I may wear it around the house but it’s not going out.  Good thing  I only spent a day on it or I would be more upset.



Simplicity just released their fall collection this morning and I was able to snap up the one pattern I wanted on the last day of a $0.99 sale at hobby lobby. So that makes it a good day!


I have a grey brushed cotton herringbone fabric in my collection that I was thinking about making another blazer out of but now I think it wants to be this skirt. I do like the mustard of the bolero in the cover art so I am wavering on whether I should just copy that as well or go with an evergreen colour.

It looks like I might start back up on some work here shortly.  I have two trips planned before thanksgiving. It has been scaraly easy to fill my days, I don’t know how I had time to do anything when I was gainfully employed.

Channeling Minnie Mouse

Ugg. I need to start getting back into the habit of buying fabric with a pattern in mind. I keep running into the issue of having way too much fabric left over OR not enough to do the dress that I want.  Case in point Simplicity 8085


I wanted to do the long version but since I tend to buy fabric in 4 yard lengths I didn’t have enough. I settled for the short skirt with some of the dress details. Jury is still out on this one.

This cotton was surprisingly  stiff even after several washes so I was figuring it would work well with this style skirt since it has some built in structure. I do like how the back bodice looks but Im not sure i’m sold on the proportions.

One of the biggest complaints of this pattern is how impractical it is to put the finished garment on.  It just have some tiny little snaps on the back waist and down the skirt. They are almost impossible to snap by your self and they are not very stable so really the belt does all the work. I may take this apart  and go for the tie waist instead.


I did some cheats. When I got to the end of the first pack of bias tape i just stopped since it ended right at the waist and no one would see the under skirt anyway.




Project fail

Still trying to use up my stash I had the idea to make a tropical feeling 50s play suit. I selected Simplicity 1426 to use with my Lime/Blue wax print.


I am not very confidant in my mid section so I drafted a longer midriff and back to make it more of a long line look.



Unfortunately I just am not endowed enough to wear this style.  This pattern seems to be drafted for  someone with a  C or D cup so if you normally do a FBA you might not have to with this one. I did a criss cross back and buttons.

DSC_0044 (1)

The straps attach to the front with a button hidden under the bust flaps.



The idea was to pair it with a high waisted skirt or shorts. I don’t think I will ever get around to it since I don’t like the top enough to try and fix it. Meh.