About Me

My mother is what I would consider to be a serious sewer.  Her flight of fancy is quilting. While I never quite took to quilting ( though I like designing the quilts) she dutifully taught me how to sew on her 1970 Singer  Creative Tough 1030.  I remember my first project was this pink and blue pillow case. I remember thinking it took forever. Mabey I only worked on it for one weekend, who knows, but I never really got into it, or understood how my mom could spend so many hours hand quilting in the corner of our living room. In highschool I would make my own costumes for various school plays.  One that sticks out in my mind was for Blithe Sprit My character came on stage then leaves and dies and then comes back as a ghost. Now the ghost is wearing the exact same thing as the live person only its all grey (along with grey skin and hair). This wasn’t something that could just be purchased so I made the “live” dress and the “ghost” dress.

Fast forward 15 years. I was watching the Great British Sewing Bee and suddenly got the urge to sew again. I dusted off my sewing machine ( the same 1979 Singer) and suddenly it clicked. I understood the urge for the project itself and the work it entailed not just the finished product. This is where my blog story begins.


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