Sewing room updates

I finally bit the bullet and invested in some storage for my sewing room (all be it Ikea so it could have been a lot worse). Tony valiantly helped me assemble it and we were nursing sore hands for the rest of the day. I am very happy with how it turned out and now I can see all my pretty fabric so no more forgetting what I have. I got the high gloss in a muted grey turquoise color. I think it will look good in the room when I finally get around to painting it.


I organized it by fabric type. From the top left: Denim, Patterns, Patterns, Summery Cottons, Interfacing (bin), Serger Thread and Embroidery Thread (drawers), Scissors/Rotary Cutters and Miscellaneous Notions (drawers), Bra Supplies (bin), Wools, Practice Fabrics, Silky Fabrics, Darker Cottons, Knits, 2 empties for uzzi to sleep in, and finally flannel cotton.  Seeing it all out like this my stash isn’t nearly as big as I thought it was so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad that the Ikea trip also resulted in 2 more fabric purchases.

The first I am absolutely in love with.  It’s like this watercolor rorschach with some beautiful inky blues, greys and deep green hues. The camera does not do it justice.  The cotton is 60″ wide so the design is quite largeDSC_0944


Tony picked out this black and white graphic print. I’m not head over heals for it but it is so rare that he has an opinion on fabric that I thought I should at least appease him.


He has already picked out the pattern for this fabric.



The last new fabric addition came from ebay not Ikea but I thought I would show you anyway. It’s Irish Linen in a natural oatmeal color with some gridded see through bits. I read that repeated washings will soften it and relax some of the wrinkling linen is notorious for. This is after 2 washes. I might give it another 1 or 2 before I cut into it.


My plans for this are a midi  sleeveless shirtwaist dress a la Vogue 8577 view B. I’m thinking it will be a comfortable dress for outdoor parties…like a BBQ 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sewing room updates

  1. Love the storage unit, and the fabric. Somehow, after reading you bought furniture and before scrolling, I thought I was going to see a big stand-up cutting table 🙂

    One suggestion.. careful of natural light on your fabric. My “thousand pyramids” quilt was laid out in the guest room on the mattress for the couple years it took me to get it sewn together. The triangles overlapped, and they all became 2-toned where the ‘under’ parts were still dark. There is *no* direct sunlight in that north facing room. Make sure you draw the blinds whenever you leave the room.


  2. Very nice assemblage of fabrics and sewing supplies. Now everything you need in a hurry will be at your fingertips! Good job, team! Also, glad to see Uzzi has two choices of cubbies to snuggle in. 🙂
    The colors in the ink blot fabric are very appealing. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.
    Tony has selected an interesting fabric, which will be striking in the pattern he chose. Have fun matching up all of those lines. He has given you a challenge.
    Now for the Irish Linen… I see a BBQ in its future! Can’t wait to see the dress and you!


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