White Embroidered Dress

The last installment of my catch-up blogging is this lovely white dress I made just after Easter.  I used  my self draped bodice pattern from this dress and the box pleated circle skirt from Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book.  I had originally purchased 4 yards of this white cotton from Joann’s but I didn’t have enough to do the skirt so I had to go back and buy another 2 yards to complete it. White I was waiting for a sale so that I could get the rest of the fabric I needed I decided to add some interest to the bodice with some embroidery.

I scoured pinterest and liked the look of this picture:


So I adapted it to fit along the neckline and got this:



I love the strap details on this bodice and I think they work perfectly with the neckline



Along the hem I decided to try a new technique of Hem Stitching using a winged needle and the honeycomb stitch pattern on my bernina. I ended up doing two rows of hemstitching to help the 2″ hem stay put. Won’t be doing such a deep hem on a circle skirt again because it was a nightmare adjusting all the fullness out.


The insides are pretty plain though I did do some bias binding around the zipper to help clean things up a bit.


The finished dress makes me feel like I should be frolicking on the hillside of a french chateau…until then I wore it to a winery 🙂



2 thoughts on “White Embroidered Dress

  1. Between the honeycomb stitch at the hemline and the exquisite embroidery at the neckline I am sure you look bedazzling in this one. I am wondering what Tony wears when he takes you out in this!?!


  2. I was thinking about this lovely dress today and I remembered that I forgot to add that I love the Queen Anne’s Lace! It is one of my most favorite flowers.


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