Mandy & Ginger

One of my goals for 2017 was to make Jeans and I am happy to say that I have succeeded!  So far I have made 3 pairs: 1 failure and 2 wearable. I have some really nice Cone Mill Denim but I want to really refine the fit before I cut into that fabric. That’s the problem with buying nice fabric, i’m too scared to cut into it. I also picked up some stretch denims from Colorado Fabrics. They were pre-cut lengths and I didn’t realize until after I pre-washed them that one of them is 45″ wide.  Mom suggested I make pedal pushers with it but Im not sure I can even make that work. Shorts maybe?

One of the things I purchased with my winnings from the Pattern review contest was the Ginger Jeans pattern. I have seen some excellent jeans come from this pattern so I know eventual I will get there.


The first pair I made was using the skinny leg- high waisted view ( on the left). I used a very dark wash denim and some grey floral quilting cotton for the pockets and teal serger thread on the insides.


I used the pattern as drafted except I added 4″ to the bottom of the leg so that I could have a really wide cuff. I’m lucky if I can get RTW jeans long enough for me so having such a deep cuff feels very special.


I really goofed the back pocket placement on these. The pockets were just so big and my back is soo small. I put them too close together because otherwise the would have been around the sides. I’m OK with is since I tend to wear skinny jeans with big billowy tops that cover my bum anyways. For the subsequent pairs I used the smaller pocket pattern piece from the low rise view.


I learned some things from this first pair….firstly the importance of pocket placement. Also I found the rise a bit too high on me. The button in the front tends to rub against my belly button when I sit down which irritates the skin. Also these were a bit big, I accidently cut a hole in the side with my serger so I took in both sides by 1/4″ to fix it and the jeans are still seem more than generous.

For the next pair I used a stretch twill in olive. Based on the last ones I went down a size and just the low rise version. It was only supposed to be 3″ different. Well these were so bad they have been trashed before even getting a picture. The twill had considerable less stretch than the denim so going down a size made me feel like a stuffed sausage. Also the low rise was NSFW… unless you’re a plumber.

I went back to the high waisted version and just redrafted the front to be 1 1/2″ lower at the zipper. For this I used a light grey flannel backed denim. It’s super soft and very warm!

These jeans are almost perfect. I think I need to take out 1/2″ more from the front to be comfortable. Also I did a much better job with the pocket placement. I put fusible interfacing on the pockets before top stitching them but the one on the right had broken threads after just one wearing.


This denim doesn’t have the best recovery so it gets a little baggy in the knees after a few wearings. The Cone Mill denim is supposed to be very good for that sort of thing so it will be interesting to see if I notice a difference.


Along with my skinny jeans I have been sort of obsessed with a free pattern I found online called the Mandy Boat Neck Tee. Its one size fits all and sews up in about 30 mins. For my first version I used a teal terry fabric that I got at Colorado Fabrics. I made it wrong side out because I liked the textured look of the terry.


I love the boat neckline and the dropped shoulder. I did find the back a little tent like but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it a ton before the weather started warming up.


It wasn’t long before I had to make it again. For my second time around I took a triangle wedge out of the back to help it hang better. I also added a split hem that is longer in the back.


The stripes help accentuate the dropped shoulder and this aqua teal is a personal favorite of mine. This is a ponte and has a little more stretch in the sleeves then the terry so it’s even more comfortable so thats a win in my book.


3 thoughts on “Mandy & Ginger

  1. I stabilized the pocket to prevent stretching but it didn’t help. The diagonal decorative topstitching design on the pocket broke along all 4 lines. I’ll just leave it out on future pairs.


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