Catching up

I have been a very bad blogger. It’s been far too long since I have posted.  Believe you me, it’s not due to lack of sewing.  Mostly it’s just I find picture taking a giant hassle. I could spend all day taking photos of myself and still not get a single usable shot, be it I cut off my head or the strap was twisted.  Meh….. A lot of bloggers clearly have someone to do the photography for them. I did get some backdrops and a lighting system thinking it would make it easier to set it up once and then keep using it over and over without changing the camera position but it’s just as hard!

Anyway enough complaining. I’m going to spend the next few weeks catching you up on all the things I have been sewing….all photography on my dress form. After that I will try to get back on the bandwagon. Without further ado:

I have tried to make a concerted effort this year to sew more separates. Don’t get me wrong I love dresses but they just aren’t practical for my life and I found myself only getting to wear them on special occasions.  I want to make more things that fit into my every day uniform. To that effect I have sewn 2 more button up shirts from my TNT Simplicity 1538.

They have gotten a lot of wear and I pulled them out of the dryer to take these pictures so excuse the wrinkles.  The pink one is perfect for spring early summer. The fabric is really lightweight and doesn’t get me hot but also keeps the sun off my easily burnt shoulders.

In the same shirt category I have this top made from a poly blouse weight fabric ( that I got for free) I have this same fabric in aqua instead of purple. I used Butterick 6378 to make this top because I really liked wearing my ivory bow blouse from Mod Cloth this winter. Also this thing is practically impervious to wrinkles so it’s awsome to throw in a suitcase for my business trips.

I particularly like the shoulder seam which is dropped forward  and then gathered. My only complaint is that the sleeves aren’t long enough ( even though I lengthened them by 2″). The directions have you measure the cuff elastic as your wrist +1″ but since the sleeves don’t make it down that far it’s a little tight around my forearm.

Next up I made the complete outfit from Simplicity 1070 which includes a crop top, pencil skirt and moto style jacket.

I’m on the fence with these. I think the jacket looks great on the form but not as good on me however I shot some video in this outfit and I thought it looked a lot better than I expected.

Next one is a wader. I used more of my cotton saris and simplicity 1755. I did not get the fit right on this and the torso is just comically too long. To fix it I would need to take out the zipper, chop off 2″ from the waist, attach the skirt back on and then put the zipper and lining back in. I’m not sure I like the fabric/dress enough to constitute all that work but I never know.


In the weeks that follow  I  will show you bras, then jeans and more tops, and then finally some embroidery items.

In other news I switched out my sewing room with another un-used bedroom in my house since this new room gets more sun. I want to eventually do a tour post but I need to get some paint on the walls and hang artwork first. For the time being I think uzzi is enjoying the new digs.




2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Liz, I don”t think you are a “bad” blogger, more of a surprise blogger! Your sewing is wonderful, filled with interesting color and design. I enjoy your blog, whenever it arrives! Kitty DeLapp (Roanoke)


  2. Great blouses! I like the blue jacket the most.
    Glad to see Uzzi is enjoying so fresh air in your new sewing room. 🙂


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