Simplicity 8228: The bralette

I am trying to branch out a bit from just dressed. I set myself a task that every month I would have to sew at least one thing that wasn’t a dress. This time I chose a bra. Well more specifically a practice bra using simplicity 8228:


The entire thing is new materials so the thread was the only thing that got used from my stash. It needed stretch lace, power mesh, picot elastic and narrow elastic.  Once I opened up the instructions I realized I needed spray adhesive to attach to the powder mesh to the lace and then cut out and sew as one. I was too anxious to start so I skipped it and just cut everything out on its own. It’s fine, I got it done but I think that the adhesive would make the job a lot easier.  Also the sizing on this pattern is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It put me at a 38DD. I couldn’t stop laughing. I cut an A cup and it fits just fine. I might choose to go up a band size in the next one.


For being a practice run I think it turned out pretty well but there are plenty things I would change so I am glad I didn’t use my favorite lace.

  1. Obviously the biggest boo-boo is in the center bottom seem with the edges and scallops not matching up.  Next time I will probably just cut the whole front band on the fold to avoid that seam.
  2. The pattern is a little high on the underarm fat/side boob area so I might re-draft that pattern piece for comfortability.
  3. The racer back comes up really high. Not sure if i want to scoop it out more or just skip the racer all together and attach straps  from the cups to the back band more like a normal bra



It sounds like I have a lot of complaints but really it’s quite comfortable and perfect for someone like me who doesn’t need a ton of support.

The insides are not that neat. I think its a combination of several things: the pattern,  the fact I didn’t use spray adhesive, and I wasn’t able to find matching elastics in a price range I was willing to spend. Also It seems like the very bottom edge of the power mesh is never permanently attached. I could see this rolling up and being annoying. I will wear the bra for a while and if I really bothers me I can just leave it off the front band and the lower back band for round 2.


I always assumed bras would be a very difficult sew but this little puppy took me 2 hours at most after it was cut out. If the mesh was attached to the lace I could see it going much faster. But before I make another I think I have earned myself a dress!