The Crown

Thanksgiving is a sort of low-key holiday for me. Though I now have plenty of free time, I can’t really afford to go see my family.  A holiday based on cooking should be right up the alley of any food professional, cooking a Turkey for two just seems absurd.

This year  we got a ribeye and will spend the evening finishing bing-watching “The Crown” on Netflix . There is so much to love. First off, I am always a sucker for historical dramas and British ones are more the better (here’s looking at you “The Tudors”). Also I love Matt Smith as Prince Phillip, in his consternation and lively spirit you see glimmers of the doctor.  But the best part of all are the costumes. With over 20,000 period costumes made for this 10 episode season, it’s a feast for the eyes. I would love to have a wardrobe like this (and functions to wear them to). For now i’ll just lust over the pictures and add a few more pieces onto the sewing wishlist. Here are just a few of my favorites.

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