Wool Blazer: Part 1

I have decided to start sewing my ‘English’ style blazer. I took my inspiration photo with me to the store and I found  a Simplicity blazer pattern that I think will work.

Im pretty sure the fabric is wool. Its one of the cuts that I got from the Denver Sewing Guild sale. I did a burn test and no hard plasticky bits formed so at least  I know its not synthetic. I know that the lining of a blazer needs to be slightly slippery  to help get it on and off and I was dreading having to use those awful polyester linings that Jo-anns has. It feels like wearing a plastic bag. Much to my surprise they now carry bemberg lining. I didn’t know what it was but it felt like a dream and is rayon so it should be breathable. It was $9.99 a yard but I had a 60% off coupon so I decided to spurge. It would be a waste to have such a breathable outside shell and stick a poly lining underneath.

When I got home I looked up bemberg, turns out it is the lining of choice for most bespoke tailors due to its durability, soft hand, and breathability….translation: I did very well.

So far I have spent a week on this blazer and I haven’t even started sewing yet. In order to make my standard waist lengthening of 1.5″ and arm  an lengthening of 1″.  I had to redraft 7 pattern pieces (darn princess seams). Then I cut it out. With the wool, lining, and interfacing we are talking 56 individual pieces. That took 3 days.

Day 4: Can’t get any of my chalk or pencils to mark on the wool. So I spent a day doing 72 tailor tacks.


Day 5: Iron on all that interfacing. I decided to use the “Amazing Tip” from the pattern and add interfacing along the bottom of all the pieces and the neck as well. After all this cutting I want to make sure this turns out as best as it possible can.


Whew..thats a lot of prep work. Hopefully I can start sewing it soon and see this thing come to life!

3 thoughts on “Wool Blazer: Part 1

  1. Happy to hear that the fabric is wool. The pattern you found is a pretty good match to your inspiration photo too. Now I know why a Pendleton blazer is so expensive. It is very apparent that you are really putting a lot of time into this project. I am sure it will be a stunner!


  2. You look smashing! What a fine job you did. It was a long tedious process, but you brought it all together with perfection. Tally ho!


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