UFO & Haul

I’ll be honest; I haven’t done much sewing lately. Life just got in the way. Besides sewing is a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun so I don’t want to force myself to do it if I don’t feel like it. Inevitably the next question is “Why don’t you feel like sewing?”. That  I am blaming on this weeks UFO or Unfinished Object.

DSC_0011 2

I fell in love with this “Birds on a Line” fabric but when it came in the mail I was skeptical that it had enough structure  for the dress I had in mind. It turns out that was the least of my problems. It has a very soft floaty drape that makes it impossibly shifty when cutting. I spent a day cutting out what should have only taken me 30 minutes at most!  Next, I had issues marking the fabric, for some reason the tailors chalk just wouldn’t show up.  Instead I had to mark everything with tailors tacks in red silk thread.  Since the fabric was so shifty I looked up some pointers on-line. I reduced the tension, I  hand basted every freaking seam before sewing and used a walking foot. The results aren’t pretty.

DSC_0013 2

For now this dress is going to start my UFO pile. I am hoping that after some more experience under my belt I may be able to come back to this project and fix it. I have a fair amount of this fabric left, easily enough to make a blouse or something but its going to the bottom of my stash for another day.

Like any good red blooded American, I drowned the sorrows of this project failure by buying more stuff.

First up, Tony asked for another shirt. This time in Lilac.  I know, I was shocked too. I had trouble finding buttons to match this fabric so I am toying with the idea of pearlized snaps ( which Tony loves) though I am worried that they might make it too causal for him to wear with his suit and such.

DSC_0016 2


The rest of the items were acquired at a fabric sale for the Denver chapter of the American Sewing Guild. I say acquired because Tony’s mom actually bought them (much to my chagrin). Barb, again you are way too generous! All the fabrics were $2.00 a yard the only catch being you had to buy the entire cut of fabric. It was actually fairly easy to limit myself since most of the fabrics seemed to have come from quilters (small yardage). It was easy to scope out the things that were big enough to make garments out of in the piles and piles of fabric. They also had a table of notions and trims. You could get as much as you could fit in a gallon size bag for another $2.00.

I stuffed my bag with lots of lace (with hopes of making an heirloom type camisole), several cards of vintage buttons, self covered button blanks, snaps, hooks and eyes, and zippers for muslins.

DSC_0008 2DSC_0009 2

Also in the not fabric area I snagged a thread rack for….$2. I ran out of room in my thread holder months ago and have been feverishly trying to finish off spools so that everything would fit. Turns out I didn’t need to, now I have lots of room

DSC_0014 2

Now onto the fabric! Tony has been wanting a vest for some time now. I thought I would give it a go. I bought this pattern thinking he would go for view A since thats what most vests in the store look like. Instead he chose view C, double breasted with lapels. Its fine, but I am going to have to practice doing a welted pocket. I found 2 yards of the thin wool in a nice charcoal grey which will be perfect for a vest.

DSC_0017 2

Along the same lines I found 3 yards of this Chocolate wool in a herringbone pattern. It was really hard to photograph but I love the look of it in person. Also, Wool for $2 people!

DSC_0024 2

Being the anglophile that I am I have my heart set on turning this into a english style hunting jacket.  I don’t hunt, I don’t even like the idea of hunting…but look how cool she looks!


The next fabric is 3 yards of cotton. I’m not sure if this is considered madras but it has that feel to me. No plans for this yet. I just wanted it.

DSC_0019 2

Finally I got 4 yards of this similar fabric in nice deep jewel tones. Its going to be a dress (obviously). Im thinking a pleated skirt to show of the linear lines?

DSC_0018 2


The grand total for the notions, thread rack, and 4 cuts of fabric was $28…good thing they only have this sale once a year!

2 thoughts on “UFO & Haul

  1. I was happy to add to your stash. At those prices, we just couldn’t pass on any of those fabrics and deals. I look forward to see the creations you design with them. As far as the UFO goes, I too love the fabric and I think that some day you will make something neat with it. 🙂


  2. tony’s buttons.. pearlized snaps sounds good, but if you want to compare some alternatives, how about a soft matt moss green, silver metallic, or good old tortoise shell, which seems to go with everything. I put tortoise shell on the the last 3 for Gary.


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