Today’s dress is mash-up of two 1940s reproductions : Simplicity 1587 and 3688


I had some batik rayon in my stash from my birthday. While I normally like 50s styled patterns rayon just screamed 40s. I used the bodice from 1587. If you look at the drawing of the red dress on that envelop you can see that the skirt has a drop waist yolk detail. I tend to not like a dropped waists so instead I used the six panel skirt pattern from Simplicity 3688. I figured since both were 1940s it wouldn’t be too much of an anachronism.

This pattern has a lot of little interesting details that make it fun to sew. The sleeves have a stretched piece of elastic that create a soft gather.


It has a side zip but a little key hole opening in the back with a button and rouleau loop closure.

DSC_0055 (2)


The front has a gathered yolk with a floppy little bow. In this picture you can see one of the other changes I made. I did an inverted pleat at the waist instead of the gathers and lined them up with the seams on the skirt.

DSC_0046 (1)


True to 40s style this dress is unlined. Just a small facing around the back and the rest of the insides are just finished with a serger.

DSC_0050 (2)


I think that it needs some shoulder pads to really sell the silhouette. Tony says it looks like i’m going to church.

DSC_0043 (1)

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