Birds of a Feather

A few weeks ago I gave a little tease of this dress to be. While at hobby lobby I saw this flamingo print fabric and after a few nights thinking about it I “had” to go back and have it.  I selected simplicity 8051 for this fabric.


As  a relatively new pattern for simplicity I waited a few weeks to see if anyone else would tackle it so that I could have the benefit of there insights but eventually I got tired of waiting and decided to just dive right in.  I don’t much like making a toile so I always try to find out from other people how much ease is in the pattern so that I make the right size. Without anyone to go off of I tried to guess by the finished garment measurements. It seemed to only have 1″ ease so I opted for the size 14 rather then the 12 I normally sew.  The result is wearable though I think I might have preferred the smaller size.

When I picked up the flamingo fabric I noticed it was rather thin so I decide to pick up some contrasting pink batiste to line the bodice.  I cut out all my fabric and laid it out on the floor and I noticed the bits with the lining looked a pale pink from the outside. I liked the effect so I decided to go whole hog and line the complete dress.

flamingo guts

The pattern only accounted for facings on the neck arms and part of the back triangle. I incorporated those facings sewing them to the lining to make what I think is a really clean looking inside. Bonus: no flappy facings.  This was the first time I have used batiste and it feels so soft against the skin. I will be lining more garments like this as I think this constitutes a resounding sucess.

Just like my recent map dress this dress also has rouleau loops.



Though I found it impossible to button these once the dress was on. I asked Tony to help but he exclaimed that the loops were broken and would not work (I think he just lacked the dexterity for such a girly closer).  Oh well. Its easy enough to just button them and then slide the dress over my head and zip up. I might sew them in place so that the wont ever come undone.

I love the back detail on this dress though I will never be able to wear a bra with it.

DSC_0078 (1)
The other thing I thought was interesting was how the armhole was formed with the collar yolk making the upper arm.

DSC_0076 (1)

This bodice was supposed to use a shorter skirt but since short skirts tend to look a little vulgar on my long legs so I opted for the longer skirt length from the other view (about 7″ longer). I am glad I did because I think the proportions would have been way off otherwise.


I love this dress but I probably won’t sew it again. It has such a unique back that it would be too obvious if I had it in other colors. I would say this is a medium difficulty pattern, I don’t think I could have tackled it when I first started. This dress will be perfect for a beach vacation with a suitably fruity girly cocktail in hand.


3 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. I wondered what you were going to make with that fabric! This dress is really cute. I like the yolk collar and sleeve too. The girly drink sounds good also! 🙂


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