To paint a picture

This weekend I just wanted an easy project to rinse away all the stress of the past few weeks. I had a yard of this fabric I bought months ago. It was the end of the bolt so I got a smoking deal…only $1.25 for the whole thing. It  was too short to work for most of my patterns but then I got the idea of making a blouse.  I selected Simplicity 1590


It took some magical skills but I was able to fit all the pattern pieces on that tiny 1 yard of fabric.

DSC_0187 (1)


DSC_0186 (1)


The fabric is a little coarse in texture and loosely woven but I still adore the print on it. It reminds me of a painters pallet. Once finished I tried it on with a bunch of different bottoms but nothing looked right until I stumbled upon this pencil skirt.  Who knows maybe  will find a job in an office some day and get to wear it.

One thought on “To paint a picture

  1. Super deal on the fabric! I think it looks great with the pencil skirt too. Don’t worry about the next chapter in your career. It will begin soon enough. You are doing the right thing by enjoying your time. Take time to smell the roses.
    That is why I have enjoyed my career for almost 40 years. I have always had the summer to look forward to. Time to do what I wanted to do for myself and for/with my family. Cherish this time and it will serve you well!


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