Spring Fever

Its in the 70s today. Absolutely crazy for February in Colorado. Also, work has been a little all consuming lately so I admit I haven’t found much time for sewing. In honor of the unseasonable warm weather ( and my lack of new projects) I thought I would post a dress that has been done for quite some time but I never got around to taking pictures of.



I had originally intended this kiwi green damask for another shirt waist dress but then thought different once I looked at it again at home. Instead its a simple sleeveless with circle skirt. I made this dress over my christmas vacation in a matter of hours. There is not much to it but it makes me feel very girly. I was very proud of the hand stitching I did on the bodice lining. Now that I have that figured out I need some new skill to hone.


In other news, I have been reading a lot about Wax Print fabric. I think its interesting something so quintessentially african originated in Holland.   I decided to buy a few cuts of it on-line. Im not sure what is to become of this fabric, the colors so vibrant and the print so loud. This is not a fabric for the office!   When it arrived it still had the wax coating making it resemble the PU lined tablecloths from my grandmothers cottage. A few times through the wash and getting softer.  Without further ado, my mini fabric haul:

DSC_0153 copy

I have 4 yds each of the two in front and 8 yds of the aqua. Any ideas on what should become of them?

One thought on “Spring Fever

  1. In the 70’s??? Oh my, my, my!
    I like this dress on you. It is a girly girl girl look!
    The fabric that you shared is also interesting!
    Here is a pattern that may suit the blue fabric.
    Lots of different ideas here. I like the tie back in the back.
    I think your long slender lines would look great with the jumpsuit.
    I am really enjoying watching for your weekly posts.
    Have a good week!


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