Sound of music dress

I have decided to you my lesson in practicality and marry it with my love of dresses.  Im doing a dress that actually fits the season that it currently is. Now you are probably wondering what that has to do with the sound of music.  Well, I made it out of curtains (or a curtain to be more specific).  I purchased the 6168 pattern from butterick, which is a departure from my normal 50s choices.



After looking a at few of these online I determined that I needed to use a solid color or all the detail would get lost. It also happens that the same weekend we were purging our linen closet and Tony wanted to throw away some curtains that he had used in the Condo before we met. They were chocolate brown and had a sort of linen like texture so I said I would use them instead. Funny enough on the inside of the dress you can see perfect little rectangles of sun bleach window sashing. I was very carful to make sure that the out side of the dress  didn’t have those as well.


My mom had sent me a handful of zippers that her friend Kitty had generously donated.  I found a navy invisable zipper  that I thought would do the trick. Only problem was that it was too short. This dress calls for a 22″ zipper  (and I had lengthened it by 1.5″). This zipper was only 16″ so I came up with idea of using the short zipper an then making a keyhole in the back with a thread button loop. The result turned out really well.

On the inside the pattern called for a Facing, I have vowed off facings ever since the Anna dress so I lined the front bodice in some green lining scraps left over from this dress. I sort of liked the brown green combo, very forest-like.


Unfortunately my attempts at lengthening the bodice  resulted in a little to much skin (as seen below) So I will certainly have to wear a tank top under this to prevent any un-intentional flashing.


DSC_0084 (1)


In case your keeping track:

  • Fabric: $0.00 (repurposed curtain)
  • Lining: $0.00 (used leftovers from another project)
  • Zipper: $0.00 ( donated stash)
  • Thread: $0.00 (used leftovers from another project)
  • Pattern: $2.00 and completely re-usable

One thought on “Sound of music dress

  1. Looks like you’ve totally conquered set in sleeves. Comparing this dress and that pretty gray one that you replaced the bodice, looks like the adjustment you need is to move the point of the bust wider away from the center on certain bodices. I couldn’t find a tutorial specifically, but how about this muslin experiment? compare your point-to-point w/ the dress form. I’m assuming yours is wider. Then move the pattern’s far enough to match the difference. On this bodice, I think that means shifting the center pleats to the side by how much your bust moved. On a simple side dart, it probably means to shorten the dart. On the gray sun dress — pretty tricky; probably need to widen the center ruching and take it away from the flat part.


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