And now for something completely different

Tony, lacking the double X chromosome, fails to see why I need a closet full of pretty dresses. He thinks I should work on projects that are more practical. Things that I could wear around the house. Things that look like store bought (the horror). In short the very antithesis of what I like to make. In an effort to appease him I picked up simplicity 1538 and some green plaid flannel.


Darn it he was right. I have worn this shirt every night since I finished it. Its so soft, so comfortable, its like wrapping myself in a big lumberjack hug when I put it on. I can even do yoga in it!



While the construction of this shirt is very similar to McCall 6696 Shirtwaist dress, its feel is totally different. I also got to use some more of my christmas presents. I used the button foot as well as the edge stitcher foot. I have to admit when I was using the edge stitcher foot for the top stitching the fabric kept pulling and dragging so I switched it out for the walking foot which was infinitely better. I think its the fabric’s fault and not the foot.

This shirt also has my first successfully set sleeves.  Look ma, no puckers!


The cuff has a continuous placket. I learned that theses are only ever used in women’s wear so for Tony’s shirt I’m going to have to learn a chimney placket.


I only did one pocket because it took me such a long time and I didn’t think that I was going to be able to do the second one exactly the same.


My only real change to this pattern was to do a pleat in the back instead of gathering.  Jury is still out on how successful that was.


Conclusion, practical has its place too….Now Tony thinks I should make jeans, I’m not sure I’m up to that challenge yet.

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