I had originally purchased this fabric  with the intention of making a more Fall/Winter appropriate dress.  When I got the fabric home Tony was worried that the print was too busy. I asked my Mom and she thought it would with a fuller skirt. I took that literally and did a full skirt from Butterick 6285


You cant tell from the envelope photo but this skirt has some really delightful double box pleats in the front and back.


One weird thing about this pattern is that the seam allowance are completely crazy. The back zip has a 1.5″ allowance!!!! the sides are 1″  Other places are 5/8″  You really have to pay attention to the directions. Im not sure why it is like this, its a total waist of fabric.

DSC_0197 3.11.03 PM

In the back I decided to skip the hook and eye and just use a large button instead


I happened to have a yellow cardigan that matched perfectly to complete the look.


I ordered some labels just after christmas. They finally arrived so I was able to put one in this skirt.


Spring Fever

Its in the 70s today. Absolutely crazy for February in Colorado. Also, work has been a little all consuming lately so I admit I haven’t found much time for sewing. In honor of the unseasonable warm weather ( and my lack of new projects) I thought I would post a dress that has been done for quite some time but I never got around to taking pictures of.



I had originally intended this kiwi green damask for another shirt waist dress but then thought different once I looked at it again at home. Instead its a simple sleeveless with circle skirt. I made this dress over my christmas vacation in a matter of hours. There is not much to it but it makes me feel very girly. I was very proud of the hand stitching I did on the bodice lining. Now that I have that figured out I need some new skill to hone.


In other news, I have been reading a lot about Wax Print fabric. I think its interesting something so quintessentially african originated in Holland.   I decided to buy a few cuts of it on-line. Im not sure what is to become of this fabric, the colors so vibrant and the print so loud. This is not a fabric for the office!   When it arrived it still had the wax coating making it resemble the PU lined tablecloths from my grandmothers cottage. A few times through the wash and getting softer.  Without further ado, my mini fabric haul:

DSC_0153 copy

I have 4 yds each of the two in front and 8 yds of the aqua. Any ideas on what should become of them?

Sound of music dress

I have decided to you my lesson in practicality and marry it with my love of dresses.  Im doing a dress that actually fits the season that it currently is. Now you are probably wondering what that has to do with the sound of music.  Well, I made it out of curtains (or a curtain to be more specific).  I purchased the 6168 pattern from butterick, which is a departure from my normal 50s choices.



After looking a at few of these online I determined that I needed to use a solid color or all the detail would get lost. It also happens that the same weekend we were purging our linen closet and Tony wanted to throw away some curtains that he had used in the Condo before we met. They were chocolate brown and had a sort of linen like texture so I said I would use them instead. Funny enough on the inside of the dress you can see perfect little rectangles of sun bleach window sashing. I was very carful to make sure that the out side of the dress  didn’t have those as well.


My mom had sent me a handful of zippers that her friend Kitty had generously donated.  I found a navy invisable zipper  that I thought would do the trick. Only problem was that it was too short. This dress calls for a 22″ zipper  (and I had lengthened it by 1.5″). This zipper was only 16″ so I came up with idea of using the short zipper an then making a keyhole in the back with a thread button loop. The result turned out really well.

On the inside the pattern called for a Facing, I have vowed off facings ever since the Anna dress so I lined the front bodice in some green lining scraps left over from this dress. I sort of liked the brown green combo, very forest-like.


Unfortunately my attempts at lengthening the bodice  resulted in a little to much skin (as seen below) So I will certainly have to wear a tank top under this to prevent any un-intentional flashing.


DSC_0084 (1)


In case your keeping track:

  • Fabric: $0.00 (repurposed curtain)
  • Lining: $0.00 (used leftovers from another project)
  • Zipper: $0.00 ( donated stash)
  • Thread: $0.00 (used leftovers from another project)
  • Pattern: $2.00 and completely re-usable

And now for something completely different

Tony, lacking the double X chromosome, fails to see why I need a closet full of pretty dresses. He thinks I should work on projects that are more practical. Things that I could wear around the house. Things that look like store bought (the horror). In short the very antithesis of what I like to make. In an effort to appease him I picked up simplicity 1538 and some green plaid flannel.


Darn it he was right. I have worn this shirt every night since I finished it. Its so soft, so comfortable, its like wrapping myself in a big lumberjack hug when I put it on. I can even do yoga in it!



While the construction of this shirt is very similar to McCall 6696 Shirtwaist dress, its feel is totally different. I also got to use some more of my christmas presents. I used the button foot as well as the edge stitcher foot. I have to admit when I was using the edge stitcher foot for the top stitching the fabric kept pulling and dragging so I switched it out for the walking foot which was infinitely better. I think its the fabric’s fault and not the foot.

This shirt also has my first successfully set sleeves.  Look ma, no puckers!


The cuff has a continuous placket. I learned that theses are only ever used in women’s wear so for Tony’s shirt I’m going to have to learn a chimney placket.


I only did one pocket because it took me such a long time and I didn’t think that I was going to be able to do the second one exactly the same.


My only real change to this pattern was to do a pleat in the back instead of gathering.  Jury is still out on how successful that was.


Conclusion, practical has its place too….Now Tony thinks I should make jeans, I’m not sure I’m up to that challenge yet.