McCall’s 6696 take 2

I couldn’t wait to make another shirt dress. This time I selected a geometric print. I decided that this fabric didn’t want all the gathers in the back so I drafted a pattern piece that would fit straight across instead.

I think I made the back piece a little small since you can see some pulling around the lower back but a valiant effort none the less.

One thing I really love about this pattern is how clean the insides are. Everything is enclosed accept the side seams which are easy enough to overlock. Also since it buttons all the way down its super easy to put on without messing up hair or makeup!

I didn’t make any other changes from the last version. I still had some issues with the skirt being too big but I was smart this time and took the pleats in  on the front so that the pocket position would still line up. I also moved the buttons so that one would hit right at the waistline.



There will certainly be more of these in the future, but for now I have some other patterns that want to be worked on first.


5 thoughts on “McCall’s 6696 take 2

  1. Good idea to move the button to hit at the waistline. Sharp eye! In one of your other blogs, you mentioned cutting the fabric on the bias. That is a concept that I never quite understood. Could you explain that to me? I am serious, I think that is something I should know. 🙂


    1. So in a woven fabric like cotton the threads are running up and down and side to side like the “+”. Its very stable if you pull on it it doesn’t stretch at all. A bias cut is at a 45 degree angle so that now the threads will look like this “x” . Cutting it on an angle like that gives you a small amount of stretch so its good for going around curves, some patterns will cut things on a bias so that it hugs your body. This image might explain it better.


    1. Thanks! As you can see, I am not a sewer, although I long to be. The pic that you shared is a beautiful style. I think she would be a stunner in it!


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