Butterick 5882

As I am sure your have noticed by now, I have an affinity for retro styled patterns.  It was only a matter of time before I tried Butterick 5882 shelf bust dress.



I have seen quite a few renditions of this dress online and in many the bust looks slightly tortured.  I spent a lot of time trying to make sure I got those pleats just right.


Another alteration I made was that many people expressed concern over the bias cut straps stretching. So I cut mine in 3 pieces instead of one. The bit that goes around the bust is bias cut and if you look closely above you can see the seam right at the neckline where I switched over to  fabric cut on the grain.

The sizing on this dress was a little funny. Every pattern I have sewn up until now I cut a straight size.  I muslined a 14 and thought it way to big so ended up cutting a 12. The end results fits OK but the bust is too small for me to fit a bra on underneath, but the waist is to big. If anything I think my shape sort of boyish so the fact that it needs a bigger bust and smaller waist blows my mind.

DSC_0098 2

The bodice lining has boning ( don’t think you can tell). I imagine this would be very useful in keeping the dress from bunching up throughout the day.


I think the finished dress is OK on the dressform but I don’t like the neckline on myself. I was thinking having all this stuff at the bust would help my  small chest look bigger but if anything it does the opposite. Also I feel the bust detail looks to narrow on me.


Its a shame because I really like the fabric and its discontinued now. Perhaps with a cardigan or something I might feel more confidant.


3 thoughts on “Butterick 5882

  1. I just love that fabric. It reminds me of running through a field full of Queen Anne’s Lace! It will be the perfect dress for a hot summer’s day!


  2. This fabric reminds me of days spent running through fields of Queen Anne’s Lace.
    It will be the perfect dress to add to your summer collection!


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