McCall’s 6696

McCall’s 6696 has made its rounds on the blog circuit. Just looking at the envelope it never caught my eye but I have seen enough reviews of the pattern to know it was worth a shot.


I of course selected the full skirt version and a  cotton print.  This pattern had a lot of things that I had never done. A yolk , standup collar, and button plackets. It’s like a ligitiamate mans shirt made for a womens body.  I didn’t do so well on the sleeves. It has some tucks and gathers. I looks fine on this dress (very girly) but I want to figure this out before I try and make a shirt for Tony.



The  back has gathers that give it the impression of a tucked in blouse.


I am particularly proud of the collar. Though its a little off center next time around (and there will be a next time) i’ll make sure to mark the center to fix that.


Since Tony got me a serger I decided to try a blind hem.


I lengthened the bodice my  now standard 1.5″ which moved the waistband so that buttons didn’t line up. My fix was to add a little snap to help keep the waist from pulling.DSC_0078

When I was buying the fabric I saw these buttons but they didn’t have enough so I ended up getting white buttons instead. The more I though about it I wanted the orange so I went to a different store and they had just enough. I’m glad I stuck with the orange buttons I think they work really well with the fabric.

The pattern had you slip stitch the button plackets, collar, yolk and waistband by hand….no thank you. I used top stitching instead on the waist, collar, and plackets and this method for the yolk (  The only hand sewing I ended up doing was the little snap and the insides look great.



I did have some trouble attaching the skirt, It was way too big, I don’t know if I transferred the pleats wrong or what. I made the pleats in the back a little bigger to try and get things to sure up, as a result the side seam with the pocket sits further back and now its hard to get into the pocket 😦

Dispite the issues I adore the finished product. I really feel like im learning and growing.


3 thoughts on “McCall’s 6696

  1. This is a very flattering style! The fabric is perfect too! Let me know what type of fabric you would like to make a shirt for Tony with. Also, how much you would like.
    I’ll look for some and send it to you.

    You are becoming quite the seamstress! Your Mom taught you well!


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