If at first you don’t succeed

So many people love Butterick 5748 I decided to try it again. This time I cut a 14 and made a muslin. See I can learn from my mistakes. In the muslin I added and 1″ to the torso length and after trying it on I decided 1.5″ would be better.


I think the fit is much better this time around. The extra length really provides a much more flattering fit on top. Something I noticed in the first dress was that the arm scythes sit too high. I though this would be remedied by the smaller size and it its better but not perfect. I might disassemble and make them a tad smaller if I find it too much of a bother when wearing.


Other then the length in the bodice I did couple of other alterations. I omitted the seam in the back of the skirt and just cut it as 1 piece on the fold. Since it has a side zipper I couldn’t understand it. I did not do the notch in the front of the bodice this time but kept the back notch and bow detail. I also omitted the skirt lining ( and kept the bodice lining) to make it a little more light and summery. Instead of hand sewing in the lining this time i pinned it and stitched in the ditch. It was a lot faster but i’m not in love with how it looks on the inside.


I am starting to see why everyone loves this patter. This is a very quick sew. I cut it on Saturday and sewed the whole thing on Sunday before lunch. Then let it hang for 24 to let the bias stretch before tackling the hem.  I might even make a third.


Notice anything about the hem?  Tony got me a Serger! Its a christmas present. This was the fastest hem of my life.


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