1930s Skirt

Ok, enough pretending its summer. For my next project I decided to take on something a little more season appropriate. McCall’s 6993 skirt from the archive collection.

mccall archive


I choose this interesting fabric that was labeled as a printed cotton but is sort of fuzzy and has a herringbone pattern, it looks like wool. This is the first garment that I have sewn on the Bernina in its entirety (the last dress was mid sew when I bought the machine so only the zipper and hem  were done on the new one). I defiantly feel like this machine gives me a better result.

Just look at that topstitching!

I found that the yolk piece that stretches across the from is almost an inch too short so I had to cut it out again. Not sure if that was the patterns mistake or mine. Like many before me I decided to disregard the pattern  instructions for how to sew the yolk. Instead I pressed the seam allowance and then topstitched it directly onto the rest of the skirt pivoting at the point. I think the result looks great, bonus its more authentic to the construction methods of the 1930s.


This pattern has a pleat in the front which I thought was a very interesting construction. You sew the center panel to the sides at an angle with a widening seam allowance. Then press it open and sew another triangle on to form the back of the pleat.

DSC_0270 (1)DSC_0272

Since my machine seemed to be turning everything to gold I decided to do a double row of stitching on the hem. Unfortunately I was too good at selecting thread and the detail is barely visible.


Have I mentioned how well I can do zippers now? Who needs an invisible zipper when this is so much more sturdy and looks so clean.

DSC_0271 (1)

I made a bad mistake on the inside. I had just finished the garment by hand sewing the lining of the yolk. I went to press it out and almost instantly I burned a whole in the lining. After some tears I cut out the burned spot and patched in a new piece. Its not perfect but at least I’m the only one who has to see it.



Here is the finished skirt. Im not sure this is a good length on me, maybe with some shoes. Even if I don’t get a lot of wear out of it I had a lot of fun sewing this.


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