To dye for

Well I have decided to bite the bullet and finally cut my Seattle Silk. I made a wearable muslin of the pattern a few weeks ago and one thing that bothered me was the lack of finishing inside the garment. If I am going to use my most expensive fabric to date I want the inside to be finished as well. I went looking for notions at my local craft store but was very unhappy with my options.  The only things that were green were a thick polyester bias tape which would ruin the drape of this fabric.

Recently my Mom has been experimenting with dying her own fabric which gave me an idea. I have a crazy amount of rayon cream hug snug. Its light weight and floaty just like the fabric…could I dye it?


Enter Dark Green Dylon. In retrospect I should have gone with emerald green but I wasn’t sure how well rayon would take the dye, turns out really well.

The dye was super easy to use. Just disolve it in 4 cups of hot water from the tap, stir in 1/4 lb. of salt and then add your damp fabric. I set up shop in my laudry room and got to work.


You are supposed to agitate it for 15 minutes, I got tired after 6 so thats all I did. Then I just let it sit for and hour. The most difficult part was rinsing the excess dye out. First in cold, then in hot, then with soap. I let it soak overnight. I took it in the shower with me this morning. Once I felt I couldn’t get any more dye out, I thew it in the laundry with some black clothes just to be sure.  The finished product turned out fabulous. I will defiantly be using this dye again.

IMG_0332 IMG_0329

I adore this color, it feels so rich. Like I said its too dark but I still think its a marked improvement over the cream.


I have some hand work to do on the blouse which will take me forever so I may end up getting some more dye and trying to get a closer color…or not.


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