They can’t all be winners

I hit my first road block. I absolutely abhorred working on this jumpsuit. Maybe it was the fabric or the design but half way through I just couldn’t work on it any longer. So I took nearly a month break from sewing until I could muster up the courage to start working on it again. I used a Linen Look fabric which unraveled like a beast so I thought I would try my hand at seam binding using Snug Hug.


Many sewers on the internet swear by this stuff so I was excited to try a new way of finishing a garment. I ordered a roll off of Amazon in cream, thinking that that was a good neutral color that would work with many future projects.  I spent hours binding the seams in the pants making a project that should have only taken a day drag out to a full month. I have to admit it does make a much cleaner looking crotch seam but I don’t think I could be bothered to do it again.  It’s french seams for me for here on out!   Anyone on the market for a 80 yards of Snug Hug?


Another tedious bit was after it all you then have to hand sew the collar on.  This took me a Grey’s Anatomy and most of a Nashville but I did it.


The finished product was not all I had hoped for. Even with doing the muslin I think the bodice is too baggy. It was hard to tell without the zipper how the top was going to fit so this is totally my fault. The bottom portion fits but the extra length I had to add to the rise made the finished garment look out of proportion. I think it would have been better to lengthen the midriff, but that would have messed with the zipper length. Tony said it looks like a clown costume, but he was never really into the whole jumpsuit idea from the get-go.

DSC_0318 DSC_0316

I finished it so now I can in good conscience  move on to something else. Maybe I will use it as a beach coverup but it’s likely to sit in the back of my closet for some time.  It’s almost Halloween so I think the next project on the docket will be a costume.  I also bought some beautiful silk/cotton on a trip to Seattle which wants to be made into a blouse.