This time around I decided to do something a little more contemporary. Most of what I have sewn so far has had a retro feel to it. Whenever I flip through the pattern books the everyday patterns never seem very interesting to me but some how Butterick B6130 called to me. I like the jumpsuit look. I have visions of wearing it in linen on some exotic beach vacation with a hat and chunky jewelry…very “Real Housewives”.


Since I had only ever sewn dresses before I was a little concerned about the fit on this. Years of bathing suit shopping has taught me that my torso length is not average. I debated for several days, I mean the picture looks to be very baggy in the crotch, surely it would be OK right?  Eventually I decided to just bit the bullet and make a muslin. I have never made a muslin before so I had to look up videos online on just what to do.  I ended up using scraps of various material I had in my stash and whipping one up in an hour with the longest stitch on the machine (recommended in case you need to rip things apart).


Boy am I glad I did this!  The picture above is actually my second attempt. The first one I did was so tight in the crotch I think a thong would have had more ease! I ended up adding an extra 3″ to the rise and another 2″ on the length of the pant. I re-used the top from the first one without any adjustments.

DSC_0218 (1)

Had I made this in the fashion fabric from the get-go it would have been completely  un-salvageable. With these adjustments I cut out my final fabric, a nice cream linen and cream lining, confidant that it would fit. I can hear the waves crashing now.

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