Sewing with a use

By day  I work as a food scientist. You would think I get enough of food during the day but I still enjoy cooking dinner every night when I get home.  At work the “cooking” is very scientific and regimented. So I decided that the perfect accompaniment to my home cooking fun would be a suitably girly apron.

The pattern I picked was McCalls 7208


This pattern has you make a detachable petticoat as well. I thought that was just a step too far so I left the petticoat out. I let my SO pick the fabric again and this time I am much happier. He decided on a partridge pattern with a coordinating light orange chevron.


I mixed and matched with the pattern. I took the pocket from one view ( leaving out the top pocket with contrasting pocket square, because who needs that) and then borrowed the bottom contrasting detail from a different view. Again no fasteners just a tie around the neck and back.  I did learn 1 new technique while making this, a gathering stitch using the machine. The gathers are so tiny and perfect, I could have never done this by hand.


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