Giving Gertie another go

I decided to try the Butterick 6094 Gertie pattern once again only this time doing the straight skirt.


Unfortunately I had purchased a pattern where 14 was the smallest size, I learned my lesson last time that this was just too big so I took in and inch on both sides  when cutting the material so that I wouldn’t have to re-size it later.

Also learning my lesson I decided that pattern matching on this was just too much trouble so I opted for a solid linen fabric in this luscious deep turquoise color and green to contrast.


I wanted to pull out all the stops when finishing this and I think it turned out really well. I used some lace hem tape for starters in the contrast color. This has to be the best hem I have ever done. I will defiantly be using this stuff in the future.


The linen had a bad habit of unraveling so I did french seams on the side of the skirt. I couldn’t figure out how to resolve a french seam into a zipper so I bound the back seam as well as the waist seam with bias tape. Finally I hand stitched the bodice lining behind the zipper and into the waist seem so the entire inside is as finished as the outside

DSC_0181 2DSC_0182

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