Fabric passed down.

My grandmother loved to travel. On one of her adventures to India she bought some block dyed fabric for my mother.  It was brown. So my mother being a fan of bright colors never got around to using it but she kept it around out of obligation.   A few years ago my grandmother died  and so my mom decided she didn’t need to keep the fabric any more and gave it to me where it sat in my spare room for a few years waiting for me to start sewing again. I picB5603_F_x_new_grandeked up another retro pattern from Butterick, 5603

I was planning on doing the view with the tie shoulders but as I was reading the suggested fabrics I noticed the  wrap bodice view suggested boarder print fabric and suddenly I had a home for this indian fabric. Now the piece I had was only 100″ long and this pattern said it would take 5 1/2 yards. So I laid out all the pieces like a puzzle before cutting a thing and I was able to get them all in.


My only complaint with this pattern is the number of layers of fabric in the bodice. By the time you attach it to the skirt you sewing through 5 layers minimum 13 layers at the darts (and there are a LOT of darts). But this fabric was thin so it worked out.

DSC_0188 2DSC_0189


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