All Three Views

I went back to find a pattern that I thought I could tackle. Enter Simplicity 1080.


I think these are so cute. I started with the color blocked version. Anxious to try my hand and pattern mixing like all those contestants on Project Runway. However my boyfriend had very specific opinions on what fabric will look good so he ended up picking and ended up with this off-beat combination.


I cut a size medium based on the charts on the envelope but it was way too big. I ended up adding and extra 4 more darts and extending the darts it already had by another 2 inches.

DSC_0186 2

Since  I had only done costumes before I was intrigued at all the interior finishes in this garment. It was truly ment to be worn. All the seems are top-stiched with single fold bias tape as well as the neck and arms.  This dress turned out OK but I thought I could do better so I decided to take on the  tunic view.

DSC_0209 DSC_0214

I adore this top and have worn it several times. This was a good first pattern to work on since it didn’t have any tricky fastenings and the fit has a lot of ease. This time I cut a small and went ahead and moved the darts down from the get go and the fit was much better. The second time around I was much better at the binding around the neck and arms.


Since this turned out so well I decided I might a well make the third view as well.


I did notice  after wearing these a few times that the bottom of the arm holes tend to be very weak so I enforced them with some additional  bias tape. I made this addition to all three garments.

DSC_0184 DSC_0183

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